The Coyote and the Crow

Released Feb 2013 The new BTB album (produced by George Landress) is the band's sixth studio album of all original material. The album is a concept record and features 12 songs that thematically interrelate to each other. Includes Howl, Siren & Evaporate.

The Bigger Picture

Released May 16th 2009 and produced by Brian Travis & Micheal Starr, engineered by Wil Golden & Al Sigrow. Contains 11 tracks including the songs Tidal Wave, See In You & The State I'm In.

Sense of Place

The Acoustic Ranch Recording sessions produced by Cyrus Clarke and engineered by Robinson Eikenberry. Contains 10 classic and all new BTB songs in their acoustic, stripped down state such as 459, The Journey & The Conspiracy Song.

Past The Breakers

The first full length Brian Travis Band album released in 2004. Produced by Brian Travis & Andy Zenczak at Gadgetbox Studios. Contains 9 songs including Gasoline, Shallow Grave & Here In LA.

There From Here

Released in 2000 "There From Here" is Brian Travis' solo EP produced by Andy Zenczak & Brian Travis at Engine Sonics Studio. The EP includes 5 Tracks: 1. 459 2. All That Remains 3. Dive 4. Third Wish 5. In This World

Third Wish

The Brian Travis Band's debut EP recorded at M.A.R.S. Produced by Evan Reily & Brian Travis. This 6 song EP of early BT material includes: 1. Best In Me 2. Civilized 3. Window 4. Isolated 5. Rise 6. Love With You